Indian businesses flourish during Diwali as everyone wants to indulge their family and themselves with gifts galore. The discounts on almost everything and a strong intent to buy ensures that everyone goes home happy. But do the rules change if you have an online store? Not really, just make a few adjustments and you can launch a discount on your website or app hosted on VistaShopee.

Expand your Product Range

The festive season is the time to sell more products than normal. See if your products are fit to be gifted or you can add something to make it the perfect gift.

If you are already selling home décor, see if you can include lighting or include fancy lighting just for the season.

But keep these points in mind if you’re expanding your product range just before Diwali. As these products are easy to procure, easy to transport, and cost-effective.

Offer Discounts

It’s a quick way to attract new customers and also entice existing ones. This also helps you with reducing the cart abandonment rate. You can also bundle the slow-moving products along with fast-moving ones. Remember to create a banner on your website, social media handles, and app to inform old and new customers.

Give this Online Sale the Social Media Push

If you’ve made up your mind on having a sale, ensure you create a buzz around it on your social media channels as well. Apart from announcing the sale, you can also run contests, use dedicated hashtags and announce the winners.

Improve your Customer Service

When you’re boosting your sales, you cannot afford to have a lazy customer support. Pep up to deal with more customer queries, grievances, and quick replies.

Simplify Payment Experience

Ensure your payment gateway accepts the most preferred methods of payment like credit cards, debit cards, and e-wallets.

Use Email Marketing

You can inform your existing customers and prospective customers about the sale via emails. Ensure you use this tool to detail out the discounts and offers.

Website Content Updation

Ensure your homepage and most other pages highlight the deals you want to offer. You can add themes, banners, and other elements to give your online store a festive feel. Most pages should have a mention or banner talking about the discounts. You can even add a Diwali Blog.

Surprise Gifts

We all love surprises; you can include a surprise with every delivery. It could even be a discount voucher for the next purchase or a small gift.

How VistaShopee Assists you with a Festive Sale

The backend of VistaShopee is very robust and built to host multiple online stores. So, as an online business owner, you can create the offer of your dream.

-You can reduce the price by a certain amount or percentage or even change the discount depending on the cart value, total invoice, or even invoice minimum value can be a parameter for discounts.

-You even have the flexibility to offer a different percentage discount for different types of products.

-Create promo codes to be able to manage the various offers.

-Repeat code usage can be limited user-wise.

-You can flash the offers on the website and app via banners.

-You can pre-decide the duration of your offer and its visibility on your online shop.


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