VistaShopee V/s Dukaan - Which is the Best Platform to Build Ecommerce Website ?

When we share the features of VistaShopee it seems that they are ought to be there. But in all honesty, most other apps do not have the range of features that we offer. To bring this in the proper light, we are beginning this section called VistaShopee vs Other Apps.

Stay tuned to see how our features make life easier for all our customers.

A little about both the Apps

VistaShopee  is the most affordable, flexible, easy-to-manage content-driven platform for any size of business in any industry whether you are out to create a website or a mobile application in order to market your products and services. We created VistaShopee with a long-term objective to help you get your business online in order to reach old and new customers in and outside your city.

Dukaan was launched during the pandemic when people couldn’t step out to get things. This app definitely gave a glimmer of hope at a time when residents were forced to stay indoors and shopkeepers were not allowed to keep their shops open. It definitely is going to stay as it helps shopkeepers connect with their customers online. But naturally, they want to cater to people living in their own vicinity.

Features in detail

Product Showcase

VistaShopee offers more details with the facility to upload multiple images for every single product. Dukaan offers limited images for every product. So VistaShopee works for you whether you own your own business or have a retail shop but Dukaan was made with retailers in mind.


VistaShopee has inbuilt SEO where H1, H2 are automatically taken care of and there is a simplified way to add page-wise titles, meta descriptions, keywords, Alt Text & embed tag manager. With Dukaan you will need plugins for the same which actually comes at an extra cost.

Transaction Fee

Dukaan charges you a per transaction fee which VistaShopee doesn’t charge at all. In fact, VistaShopee has a fee that you may pay monthly or annually.

Business Category

VistaShopee platform is a hybrid type whereas Dukaan suits retailers. VistaShopee is flexible to be used by freelancers, startups, SMEs, agencies, and even enterprises whereas Dukaan has fewer categories and limited usage.

Marketing Tool

VistaShopee brings with itself a FREE SMART Marketing Tool that enables the SMART App to connect to your website keeping the marketing team always updated with price changes, brochures, catalogs, and much more. Dukaan doesn’t have this kind of facility.

User Interface

VistaShopee user interface is very simple and makes it easy to use for anyone whereas the Dukaan User Interface is not so user-friendly. 

With the comparison in detail, it will be easy for you to choose the app that will make your life more convenient in the future.